July 2nd, 2008: Hyperion Tavern


Hyperion Tavern
1941 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90232

Due to 4th of July holiday conflicts our dive bar plans will take an unexpected turn. Rather than celebrate the upcoming holiday just under the Santa Monica pier at Big Deans (which has been held until July 16th) we will sweep into Silverlake for a dive bar you might have driven by a million times without ever knowing it was there. Note the address and cross streets carefully, look for an old school barber shop pole light marking the door of what seems to be a firetrap of a garage one spark from an insurance payout, and duck into one of the most unique bars we have ever been to.

The Hyperion Tavern has it quirks. There is only a small selection of beers available and none of the hard stuff, the walls are lined with a full collection of classic law books (the reason for such eludes explanation), two ornate chandeliers light the space hung from exposed rafters, and a small rickety stage anchors the south end of the room. But it is this very stage which brings us here tonight, as it is on this stage where you will take on Guitar Hero Night. Starting around 10pm (allowing some time for some pre-game beverages) the bartenders will boot up the overhead projector and eager patrons will take a number deli style for a chance to compete for the best face-melting guitar solo of the night. And if you are lucky the bartender might let you use their custom made full size axe.

The queue might fill up quick, so come early if you want to get in before the real heavy hitters appear out the woodwork. If your fingers are bit rusty it would be good to get in early as just like any good Karaoke bar, the queue can fill up quick when the real die-hards show up and then hold the floor like Gordon Brown before parliament.

Other nights of the week the Hyperion Tavern offers hipster DJ’s and wacky live bands but on Wednesdays it really shines, and luckily this is the night we go out on our dive bar mission.

As usual, the casual debauchery starts around 9PM and gets really interesting by 10:00. Come for one drink, or stay for one too many. Bring anyone and everyone, and join us for a great time in the middle of the week. If you arrive early or late, look for the people having a damn good time (it’ll be us), or start having a damn good time on your own (we’ll find you).

Carpe Drink’em,

Alex, Damien, & Travis - WDBT Co-czars

"I REMEMBER EVERYTHING! I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday. I was barely 17, and I once killed a boy with a Fender guitar. I don’t remember if it was a telecaster or a stratocaster, but I do remember that it had a heart of chrome and a voice like a horny angel! I don’t remember if it was a telecaster or a stratocaster, but I do remember that it wasn’t at all easy. It required the perfect combination of the right power chords and the precise angle from which to strike. The guitar bled for about a week afterward, and the blood was dark and rich like wild berries. The blood of the guitar was chuck berry red. The guitar bled for about a week afterward, but it rung out beautifully! And I was able to play notes that I had never even heard before. So…I…took my guitar and I smashed it against the wall! I smashed it against the floor! I smashed it against the body of a varsity cheerleader! I smashed it against the hood of a car. Smashed it against a 1981 Harley Davidson! The Harley howled in pain! The guitar howled in heat! And I ran up the stairs to my parents’ bedroom. Mommy and Daddy were sleeping in the moonlight. Slowly I opened the door, creeping in the shadows right up to the foot of their bed. I raised the guitar high above my head, and just as I was about to bring the guitar crashing down into the center of the bed my father woke up screaming, "STOP! WAIT A MINUTE! STOP IT, BOY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?! That’s not way to treat an expensive musical intrument!" And I said, "GOD DAMMIT DADDY! You know I love you. But you got a HELLUVA LOT TO LEARN ABOUT ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!"

– Meat Loaf

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