October 22nd, 2008: Rae’s Lounge

WEDNESDAY, October 22nd, 2008

Rae’s Lounge
10939 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

This Wednesday marks the last dive bar visit before a new President of the United States is elected. On November 5th, a number of our dive bar regulars will have a very big reason for hitting the bottle hard. Our nation will head in a new direction, and regardless of your views, some kind "change" is inevitable. It’s times like these that we should take comfort in the little things in life that don’t change, the little constants of our existence that we can always depend on come rain or shine. It’s times like these that we turn to our local watering hole, that dive around the corner that’s withstood the test of time, that has seen presidents come and go, yet has always managed to keep the drinks cheap regardless of high taxes.

This week we visit Rae’s Lounge, a bar that prides itself on consistency. Rae’s is the paragon of dive bars, featuring all the essentials from affordable stiff drinks to darts, pool, and karaoke. While some of our dives feature clowns or singing ninjas, Rae’s needs no gimmicks or calling cards. Rae’s is low-key, inconspicuous, and relies only on its strong character to build its reputation. There are only a few bars on the Tour that we can honestly label a "dive’s dive," and Rae’s Lounge is one of them.

As usual, the casual debauchery starts around 9PM and gets really interesting by 10:00. Come for one drink, or stay for one too many. Bring anyone and everyone, and join us for a great time in the middle of the week. If you arrive early or late, look for the people having a damn good time (it’ll be us), or start having a damn good time on your own (we’ll find you).

Carpe Drink’em!

Alex, Damien, & Travis, WDBT Co-Czars

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