May 13th, 2009: The Gold Room

WEDNESDAY, May 13th, 2009 

The Gold Room
1558 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

A common misconception regarding Cinco de Mayo is the belief that it honors Mexico’s independence. In fact, it merely celebrates General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín’s victory over the French in the town of Puebla, which served to slightly delay the French army’s march toward Mexico City. Mexicans celebrate this battle in recognition of a glorious time when Mexico could strike fear into world powers with their military might, rather than with exotic forms of influenza. Another common misconception regarding Cinco De Mayo is that the holiday should be celebrated on May 5th. In fact, as any astute observer of Mexican culture and language will tell you, Cinco de Mayo is on May 13th.

So, in celebration of this noble holiday, we visit Echo Park’s fabled Gold Room for an evening of Mexican culture at its finest. If one were to take a 1984 El Camino with a glistening neon purple undercarriage, chili pepper lights lining the windows, an airbrushed Virgin de Guadeloupe on the hood, and flames shooting out the exhaust, and then wave a magic wand to turn it into a bar, the Gold Room would be that bar. It is a magical place where a $1 tequila shot is expected as accompaniment for every beer, an old man in a gaucho hat offers you peanuts, popcorn and occasionally steak picado, and unlike most other Mexican bars in the neighborhood, our band of gringos can safely enter without causing all conversations to halt as the record needle lifts off a Julio Preciado album.

As usual, the casual debauchery starts around 9PM and gets really interesting by 10:00. Come for one drink, or stay for one too many. Bring anyone and everyone, and join us for a great time in the middle of the week. If you arrive early or late, look for the people having a damn good time (it’ll be us), or start having a damn good time on your own (we’ll find you, if the friendly regulars don’t find you first).

Carpe Drink’em,

Alex, Damien, & Travis - WDBT Co-czars

"Democrazy is the destiny of humanity; freedom its indestructible arm."

-Benito Juárez

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