SATURDAY, May 15th, 2010: 3rd Annual SP Classic –Red Line Tour

SATURDAY, May 15th, 2010

3rd Annual SP Classic

Phillippe’s French Dip
1001 N. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


More than a year and a half has passed since we last had a contest of champions . This year we will be giving the San Pedro greens keepers* a respite. This year we will be taking the tour below the streets of LA! We will tee off just outside of Union Station at Philippe’s and enjoy the history of railroads depicted on the walls. From there, we will all buy $5 Metro Day Passes (as a greens fee) and hop on on the subway to our next set of holes. We will continue following the Red Line stopping at bars along the way until we reach Hollywood.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Bar Golf combines the best elements of a pub crawl with a variety of rules derived from that fabled club and ball sport invented by the Dutch and popularized by the Scotts. Each bar serves as a different hole, with a scorecard of drinks of varying difficulty corresponding to golf nomenclature of "Pars", "Birdies", "Eagles" and so on. Other familiar golf concepts also apply, including water hazards (vomiting penalty) and mulligans (spilt beverages). Bear in mind that, whereas in real golf, shooting a hole in one on every hole is merely highly improbable, in bar golf, attempting to do so will result in a hospital visit and stomach pumping. Bar golf is a sport of moderation and pacing, where the tortoise oftentimes does beat the hare.

Some of the holes we will be visiting include World Dive Bar Tour favorites like the White Horse Inn and Powerhouse. We have added a number of new venues like Gallery Bar, nestled in the bosom of the Biltmore Hotel and the MacArthur Park flavor of the Tango Room.

Come to compete; come to caddy*; come to watch. Golf wear is encouraged. If you want to compete or would like to volunteer to caddy, please RSVP to (or post a note saying so on the facebook invite wall) so that we can arrange transportation and caddies accordingly. This year’s winner will receive the coveted ‘green jacket’ with commemorative patch, and all competitors will receive prizes fitting this vaunted occasion.

For the first time this year, golfers who finish the course will get to compete in a bonus whole where a particularly garish set of golfwear can get them a whole in one, a birdie or an eagle.

Carpe Drink’em,

Nate, Auxiliary Captain

*Greens keeper: Dive Bar Proprietors
** Caddy: Designated Driver, score keeper, shepherd

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